Our approach to property acquisition follows strict fundamental guidelines to underwriting our investments. We utilize conservative assumptions, extensive scenario analyses, and thorough due diligence prior to the acquisition of an asset.

We employ prudent leverage levels appropriate for the nature of the assets and the investment parameters of our clients, and ensure that our capital structure is carefully managed to maximize returns and control risk.

Safe Space Development


Hands-on Execution

One of our biggest strengths is operational execution and disciplined asset management. Our focus is on core-plus and value-add investment opportunities where superior returns – as well as downside mitigation – can be achieved through careful execution of a rigorous business and operational plan.

We specialize in creating value through:

  • Identifying markets that meet our strict MSA underwriting criteria
  • Upgrading assets through strategic and cost-effective physical renovations
  • Repositioning properties through a comprehensive rebranding strategy with the tenant community as well as brokerage industry
  • Establishing and maintaining close tenant relationships to ensure high tenant retention
  • Maximizing rental cashflow through our asset management team
  • Maximizing net operating income through vigilant cost control
Invest with Safe Space Development and our proven investment path.

Client Focus

We constantly work with our capital partners to understand their investment objectives and to ensure that their requirements are achieved. Our investment partners are our priority, and we define our success on delivering the best investment solutions and results to our clients.

When seeking and evaluating acquisitions, Safe Space determines which markets possess strong community growth characteristics with lower institutional pressure. By implementing the current management model, existing and new Safe Space properties are always focused on increasing returns on our investors’ capital.