Asset Management

Safe Space believes that to see high returns, you need to have a strong front line. We put our people first by providing them proper training, oversight, and resources. Our team hires for personality and trains for skills.

We use a quality professional self storage management company to oversee our larger properties, and engage the experience of a self storage CPA who specializes in accounting and auditing to oversee the rest.

Our management company has experience from the inside out when it comes to storage. They have policies and procedures set up to handle everything from training to day-to-day and beyond. Our staff is well-equipped to handle uncommon situations and disasters, and constantly look for ways to add to the bottom line.

High net income and strong cash flow comes from having a well-trained staff and high-quality policies and procedures. If you would like to learn more about our company, please contact us or request an investment package.

Safe Space Development